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Here are some  free samples of the book  just click on the various chapters.


Chapter 1..... How to win a soul

Chapter 2......Fast forward to prayer

Chapter 3.....The end of the old life in Michigan

Chapter 4......The call to preach

Chapter 5......Winning souls by yourself

Chapter 6 Greatest Soul winning team formed

Chapter 7 ..How to give an invitation or altar call

Chapter 8.......More bumps and adventures

Chapter 9.......Wining souls with Tommy Barnett in Arizona

Chapter 10......Winning souls in politics

Chapter 11......Riches to Rages and Back in Phoenix

Chapter 12 . Winning Souls as Chaplain at the Race Tracks

Chapter 13...... Call to Houston Texas

Chapter 14........Church on the Beach and Streets of Texas

Chapter 15........The Only True Religion

Chapter 15a.......Tragedy at Lakewood Church Houston

Chapter 16........The Last Train Ride




 We started keeping track of the progress of the book as of August 21 2011 when we put it on Amazon and this web site. Here are the latest statistics. This does not include any statistics for Amazon. 190,856 pageviews  as of  January 2, 2019.
Nigeria 11,256
Ghana 9,392
China 6,339
Philippines 10,876
United States 9,755
India 6,477
Kenya 5,559
Pakistan 3,538
Miscellaneous 106,582
Myanmar (Burma) 2,131
Indonesia 2,918
South Africa 1,650
Egypt 1,901
Sudan 1,583
Vietnam 1,318
Algeria 1,297
Thailand 1,081
Morocco 1,077
Turkey 949
Iraq 1,029
Jamaica 1,119
United Kingdom 1,484
Brazil 1,545


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